Tiny Homes vs. Park Models

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One of the most common comparisons in our business is that of Park Model RVs and Tiny Homes. With the growing popularity of the ‘Tiny Home movement,’ it makes sense that someone might take a look at a Park Model RV, like the ones we make at Woodland Park, and assume that it’s, at the very least, the same idea as that of a Tiny Home.

However, there are some very important differences between Park Model RVs and Tiny Homes, and we thought it would be helpful to take the time to point them out.

The main distinction between Park Model RVs and Tiny homes is that Park Model RVs are, in fact, not homes at all. Park Model RVs are specifically designed and manufactured to be used as temporary seasonal or recreational use, and are not created to be used a permanent residence. Park Model RVs are meant to be placed on campgrounds or sites near lakes or in the woods, never in housing communities.

Keeping this in mind, it’s also important to understand that, despite the name, Tiny Homes do not strictly qualify as homes either. There are federal, state, and local laws which require that permanent residences are built to a federal, state, or local building code or standard, and very few Tiny Homes actually meet these criteria.

The truth is, though Park Model RVs are strictly temporary residences, they still have a leg up on Tiny Homes, especially those Park Model RVs that are made by Woodland Park. For over 30 years, Woodland Park has been designing and producing park model RVs that go the extra mile in order to be of the highest quality. We’re so sure of our designs, in fact, that we offer a three year warranty, which is one year longer than any of our competitors, and we create models that meet every code in the book.

At Woodland Park, we use actual residential furniture, which is sturdier and longer lasting than most furniture used by our competitors. We ensure that our Park Model RVs remain the best by using things like lockable pocket doors, low e-glass windows, and microwaves vented to the outside. We have thought of everything in order to give every one of our Park Model RV customers the best experience they could have.

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