Why Buy a Woodland Park?

Highest Quality

We lead the park model industry in both quality and innovation.

  • Every Woodland Park product goes through a battery of tests and a rigid final inspection process to ensure our products meet the high standards set at the factory level.
  • There is a 10-year warranty on our residential furniture line, a lifetime warranty on our vinyl siding, and a 3-year structural warranty.
  • Woodland Park follows rigid building standards (ANSI 119.5 standards and Canada standard Z-241).

Exclusive Features

Woodland Park models come with exclusive features and are built with the highest quality construction methods.

  • 10-inch steel I-beam frame with a detachable hitch
  • Framed with number-two grade lumber
  • Floor systems feature double 2 by 6 perimeter floor joists
  • Insulated fiberglass heat ducting
  • Transverse 2 by 6-floor joists 16 inches on center
  • Ample r21 insulation throughout
  • Heavy-duty 3/4 inch plywood tongue-and-groove floor decking topped with high-quality carpet
  • Durable PVC individual tile flooring
  • Walls are over-engineered with strength in mind
  • 40 PSF certified roof trust rafters
  • Every roof is insulated with r21 insulation and an optional layer of radiant foil and covered with winter guard underlayment
  • Built-in eave baffles and rich vents ensure that the roof system is fully ventilated
  • Whether you choose shingles or metal roofing you are covered by a full lifetime warranty

Comfortable and Efficient

Comfort and efficiency are a big deal at Woodland Park.

  • Sidewalls are insulated with r-13 insulation bats followed by a top-to-bottom layer of optional radiant foil foam core.
  • House wrap radiant foil is a premier option at a crucial point in the manufacturing process and works to maximize the efficiency of the insulation.
  • Solid vinyl windows and patio doors are also sealed with expandable foam insulation and waterproof flashing tape.

Custom Styling

Work with our interior designer so your park model is a reflection of your own personal style.

  • A range of custom-built cabinet and countertop options so you can create a look and feel that both meets your budget and your style.
  • Each cabinet is installed with precision and care.
  • Soft-close cabinet doors and drawers as well as hidden hinges you get a quality that you can see and feel.
  • Residential-quality furnishings.
Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options

Connect with one of our knowledgeable dealers, get pricing, explore customization options.

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