Why Buy a Woodland Park?

Woodland Park has set the bar on high quality in the Park Model manufacturing business for almost 40 years. When we hear our competitors say “We’re not Woodland Park, BUT……” it tells us that we are doing something right and our competitors wish they were as good as us. That “something” is our obsession for quality. We don’t simply stop our obsession upon completion of the building process, in fact during construction, every Woodland Park product goes through a battery of tests and quality checks to ensure our products meet the high standards set at the factory level.

That is normally where our competitors stop and consider the process completed before shipping their units. We at Woodland Park are not satisfied yet. Every Woodland Park goes through a meticulous rigid final inspection process. This is when the team member in charge of the service and warranty department performs the final inspection. Think about that for a moment – the person, who will get the call from a customer if something is wrong, has the final say whether a unit is complete. Only then do we consider a product worthy to ship. This obsession for quality is what you would expect from the industry’s quality leader.