Woodland Park Story

Woodland Park Inc. was founded over 30 years ago by Ernie and Edna Yoder. Both Ernie and Edna grew up in large traditional Amish families, making them uniquely suited for the challenge of building Woodland Park.

The Yoder’s traditional Amish upbringing gave them the work ethic and values they needed to build a successful product and business. They built their business with the idea that they would provide the highest quality product and best consumer experience in the industry.

So began a long journey that eventually led to Woodland Park’s position as the highest quality park model RV in the industry.

In 2004 Woodland Park broke ground on a new 47,000 square foot production plant, followed by Phase 2 which resulted in an 80,000 square foot production facility.

Blending Amish craftsmanship with innovative technology, Woodland Park was able to increase its production rate exponentially and expand its dealer network throughout the United States and into Canada.

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