Why You Need A Park Model With An Industry-Leading Warranty

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There’s something to be said for a company that has confidence in their products. Confidence, in fact, is the reason why companies offer those beautiful assurances that we all refer to as a “warranty.” For us at Woodland Park, it’s no different. Since we began in 1983, we’ve set our focus on quality. While some manufacturers are making more models than us, per year, we’re making better models.

Always striving to have the best quality-built park model in the industry, we at Woodland Park are once again standing behind our quality. Beginning on all 2017 models we are offering a 3-year structural warranty on top of our 1-year warranty. The 3-year warranty covers the components and performance as they relate to the base structure; in essence they cover the Structure integrity and building envelope (which is all the elements of the outer-shell that maintain a dry indoor environment, like the walls, sub floor, roofs, skylights, doors, and windows) if they were ever to be damaged by weather penetration.

Woodland Park is the only park model manufacturer in the United States to boast this kind of industry-leading warranty. The reason we have been successful all this time is because our main focus has always been on quality. At Woodland Park, our focus is quality not quantity. We care about making something that will last for you, your family, and your friends.

You use our Woodland Park models to make the most of your relaxing season. Part of the relaxation and comfort that you feel in your Woodland Park model comes from the assurance that we won’t let you down. We believe in our manufacturing, and we want to ensure that you always feel comfortable and assured in our models, and that’s why we’re excited to offer this ground-breaking warranty!

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